Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Take Advantage of Some Great Opportunities!

Absolutely share these opportunities with colleagues, family and friends!

Modells, a sponsor of Swim Strong Foundation, has extended their 15% off coupon for us through May 31st.  This ecoupon can be downloaded and printed to be used in any Modells in NYC. 
For you on line shoppers, you can get great deals through 
Here’s how it works:
1) Charitably-minded individuals join (It's free! Always!)

2) iGive members select a worthy cause like Swim Strong Foundation to support.

3) iGive members shop online through Over 680 brand-name online stores participate, with more added every week.

4) Up to 26% of each purchase is donated to the member's designated cause!

Finally, if  by May 31st you would nominate Shawn Slevin as a local Lady Godiva, Swim Strong Foundation could be eligible for a $1,000 – 10,000 prize for our scholarship fund

This synopsis of her community work may help you:
Shawn Slevin has been a volunteer swim coach in NYC for over 40 years and helped more than 8,000 children learn to become competitive swimmers. As a result, more than five dozen  received college scholarships for swimming; thousands swam for their high school or US swim clubs; hundreds became certified life guards…all able to enjoy swimming as a life sport to keep them mentally and physically fit.  She started Swim Strong Foundation seven years ago to bring affordable swim programs to more communities…particularly where children don’t traditionally swim.  The life skills learned through swimming  at the competitive level, transcend the pool and are used in the classroom through the board room. 
Drowning is the second largest cause of death globally!!  Drowning is the second largest cause of death for children here in the US ages 14 and younger.  Children of color are drowning 3x more than Caucasian children.  Drowning, for the most part, IS preventable!  Swimming is the most cardio/pulmonary and skeletal friendly sport there is. It is the only womb to tomb exercise.   At Swim Strong we are encouraging people of all ages to Swim for their Lives!

Summer is around the corner…get your Swim Strong on now!

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